2017 TV Series that are Worth to Watch

Sean   May 23, 2018   Comments Off on 2017 TV Series that are Worth to Watch

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3 Popular TV Series in 2017

Below are some of many popular TV series that aired last year. If you miss the last season of these TV series below, now you can watch it for free.

  1. 13 Reasons Why

This TV series is really popular among teenager. Although there are some people who dislike this series since they said that it is romanticized to death and suicide, there are more people who love this series because of its mental awareness. This series follows a girl named Hannah Baker who commit suicide. Before she dies, she records 13 tapes and sends them to the people who are the reasons behind her death.

  1. Agents of SHIELD

If you love Marvel, then you need to watch this TV series. As the name suggests, the story follows people who work for SHIELD. Agent Coulson who died in the first Avenger movie is revived in this story and lead the team. Right now, Agents of SHILED is already in season 5. You can watch the last season on Mobdro app. The plot also in line with Marvel Cinematic Universe. Maybe you can get hints to the next Avengers movie from this TV series?

  1. The Handmaid’s Tale

Based on the popular dystopian novel, The Handmaid’s Tale is unique, beautiful, and scary. This is one of the best TV series in 2017. The plot, cast, cinematography are all great. Everyone who works for this TV series deserves standing applause.

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