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Good Foods for Good Concentration

In busy days, we are pushed to think more and more. Sometimes we meet a limit that makes us to be less focus. As the result, some of the duties cannot be handled well. However, this problem can be solved as long as you take healthy lifestyle. Good supplies, good habit, and a good mind are the main keys how you can improve your concentration while working and doing everything. If recently you lose your focus while doing everything, so you have to check on what you eat every day. You have to start to get healthier food which can improve your concentration.

The Best Recipe for Improving Concentration Every Day

Actually, you only need to change unnecessary supplies to necessary supplies in your daily life. Then, you can add more supplies which are specifically can improve your concentration. Here are the best foods which can help to improve your concentration:

  • Avocados

For the best food which can help to improve your concentration is avocado. Based on the certain study, it showed that avocado has higher loaded with fiber which is good to enhance blood flow in firing up the brain cells.


  • Green Vegetables

Leafy green vegetables which contain rich vitamin B also good for your brain cells. It will help to improve mental clarity.


  • Dark Chocolate

Besides to reduce depression, dark chocolate is also effective to stimulate serotonin and endorphins which are good to boost your concentration.

Besides foods, there are also a lot of drinks which are effectively improving your concentration:

  • Water

Dehydration is one of the causes that make you lose focus. That is why taking enough water every day is important to keep your hydrated. If you are hydrated, so your brain will work well.


  • Green Tea

In green tea, there are caffeine and L-Theanine which can improve the speed and accuracy of your thinking.

A Guide For Beginner – Rinjani Trekking

Are you keen on hiking and other mountaineering activities but only have one or two hiking experience? Do you want to challenge your adrenaline by mounting Rinjani trekking? Now, you do not need to feel nervous anymore. Beginners are welcome to feel the quite extreme track of Mount Rinjani. Local operators are providing excellent service for you and will assist you during trekking. All gears and supplies will be provided by them. Even, the guide and porters will not hesitate to give you a hand on carrying your heavy backpack. So what should you prepare personally?

What To Prepare For Ascending The Mountain?

If you are a beginner, there is a very long list to prepare before going to mount Rinjani trekking. However, booking travel agent will cut a lot of your preparation list. By doing so, you only need to prepare a couple of things. First of all, prepare your body to be on the highest level of fitness. Trekking requires heavy physical activity thus you need to maintain your health before going on the trip. Secondly, you definitely do not want to miss any single moment. Therefore, equip yourself with enough charging sources. Taking power bank and spare camera battery will be very necessary. Lastly, prepare your personal outfit. Loose and light t-shirt is very important to bring.

The travel operators will serve you with excellent service before, during, and after the trekking. Don’t worry too much about other trekking gears and meals supply. If you book a trip with local travel organizer, all those needs will include in the service. If you are looking for the best organizer to handle your trip to Mount Rinjani, you should peek on, a trusted Rinjani travel organizer. So, are you still wary to entrust your trip with travel organizer?

Do You Want To Remove Acne Red Marks?

Have red marks from the acne on your face made you get down of your confident, right? To help you solve this kind of problems, you should know that there are many treatment options you can choose to remove acne in the best ways. If you like it, you can use the various home remedy options which can help you to remove the red marks in the best ways.

Use Tea Tree Oil

For this problem, you have to know that there are many home remedy options which you can use to remove acne and you just have to choose one of them. If you have the tea tree oil in your home, you can use it as your treatment.

The tea tree oil is one of the best acne killer agents. Besides, it also can help you to remove the red marks or acne scars in the best ways. It contains the vitamin E and also the soothing property to heal your acne marks, prevent any bacteria to make your acne marks get worst, and remove the redness on your acne marks.

How To Use It

If you would like to use it, you just have to prepare some cotton balls and also the tea tree oil. You just need to soak the cotton balls in the oil. Then, you can use it to press for your acne scars. It will make you can get soothing and coolness sensation if you press it to your acne. Press it gentle and you can do it every day to get the best result.

You also should make sure that you clean up your face before you are using this treatment. If you would like to get the best result, you can do it in a night and left it overnight. It will help you to remove acne in the best way.

Outdoor Kitchen For Small Space Ideas

If you want to have an outdoor kitchen, but you only have a small backyard, you do not have to worry about that. You still can find your inspiration for kitchen design for you to build a small kitchen in your backyard. Of course, having outdoor kitchen can be a recommended for you to build. As you might also love to do some outdoor party with your family, have the kitchen outside your home will be helpful. Then, what you should do if you only have small space in your backyard? You do not have to worry about that, please read for more information in the following paragraphs.

Small Outdoor Kitchen With Stunning Ideas

Having a will to have your outdoor kitchen is a good idea. However, you have to make sure that you are creative enough to look for some ideas about the great outdoor kitchen to build. Especially, if you have to build an outdoor kitchen for small space, you will really need to look for some inspiration for kitchen design. Then, do the following things if you have to build a small kitchen in your backyard.

  • Choose Portable Kitchen

Choosing portable kitchen as your outdoor kitchen will be a good choice. Of course, it is because portable kitchen usually has small size than the other kind of kitchen. So, you can put it in your small land of the backyard and then make your dream comes true to have such a stunning and useful outdoor kitchen.

  • Build It on Your Patio

When you already have a patio in your backyard and it makes your backyard become small, but you still need space to build a kitchen, it would be recommended to build the kitchen in your patio. So, not only building the outdoor kitchen, you also can make your patio becomes more multifunctional for you.

So, what do you think about those outdoor kitchen design ideas for small space? If you think that would be good for you, you can choose one of those options.

The Most Popular Game Right Now

What is the most popular game right now? It is Angry Birds 2! It is a video game which developed by a Finnish company named Rovio Entertainment. There are many sequels to this game, including the second series. The game premise is birds who need to defeat pigs to save their eggs. The developer takes an inspiration from Crush the Castle 2. Angry Birds is a major success. Many people praise it for the comical style, fun gameplay, and low price as well. The popularity is so massive until the developer creates many spin-offs of this game. You can play this game on video game consoles and PCs.

Angry Birds 2 Popularity

Angry Birds 2 popularity is no joke. You can find many Angry Birds’ characters in many kinds of stuff such as a t-shirt, hat, bag, shoes, stationery, toys, books, tumbler, watch, and other stuff. The big popularity also led the game to have a film and televised cartoon version. The first game of Angry Birds was released in December 2009. And on January 2014, the game has been downloaded or purchased more than 2 billion times. The sequel to this game was released in July 2015. And this sequel has been downloaded or purchased more than 3 billion times. This makes Angry Birds franchise become the most downloaded game of all time.

One of the most mainstream games that people plat at least once in their lifetime is the original Angry Birds. The game is also the biggest mobile game success in the history. Due to its popularity, Angry Birds has its own series which released in May 2016 by Columbia Pictures. Rovio becomes more creative as the time goes by. Angry Birds 2 is already created with its new features, new levels, new birds, and new location. Have you played this game? You can download this game only on

Doubts about Tesla Model S You Should Clarify

My designing accomplice and I chose to assemble a PC prototype for Tesla Model S. The prototype is very definite and incorporates specifics like itemized engine maps, equip proportions, and even the wheel measurements. Likewise, we included distributed specs for Tesla’s NCA battery science. In the event that you need to look at the specifications, go to engineer site for HSR engines. With a specific end goal to confirm the countdown, we initially demonstrated the related engine, and then the prototype anticipated Tesla’s distributed specifications of the auto. We at that point displayed the Roadster utilizing every accessible datum. We needed to compute new apparatus proportions since the auto can go up to 400 km/h.

Here Are the Additional Goodies

Elon has just revealed to us the Tesla Model S possesses about 200,000-watt hour batteries and ten thousand newton meter hub torque. We began with engine horse power and force power for the exact engine, however utilized two engines on the back pivot and one engine in front. At that point, it is scaled that the engine torque and horse power until the enchantment found about 1.9 secs in second acceleration increasing speed time. It is discovered that the car with 200,000-watt hour batteries is balanced similarly with previous Tesla battery specifications. There is not enchantment in technique new science included, much the same as mini car. We required all of energy the 200.000-watt hour batteries can take out however we could get the execution we required by the specifications distributed at HSR Engines.

The model predicts that the Tesla Model S has at least,

  • Range : 1126 km+
  • Add up to hub force rotation :10,000 Nm
  • Add up to horse power : 1242 HP/926 kW
  • First acceleration : 0.88 seconds
  • Second acceleration : 1.76 seconds
  • Third acceleration : 3.14 seconds
  • 4 km time                         : 8.33 seconds
  • Maximum speed : 402.3 km/h

The above pull falls specifically in accordance with Electra’s past estimation. I’m assessing that the force must be measured in MW unit, so it will be about to have great power.

Tips To Win Hungry Shark World Game

You might already become a gamer that can win many games. However, you cannot be an expert in becoming the champion of the certain game. You have to know many things related to the game first before you become an expert. It does work with Hungry Shark World The Game, which is an Action Adventure game that can make you realize how great this game is. In becoming the champion of every session of this game, you have to know about the tips and several important things related to it.

Tips To Be A Master Of Hungry Shark World

To be a master who easily wins the game is a dream for every gamer in the world. Of course, being a master of a certain game is not a difficult thing to do. If you already know about the tips, you can win every game easily. So, you can follow these tips if you want to be a master of this Hungry Shark World The Game.

  • Choose the Powerful Shark

Choosing the powerful shark is the solution if you want to win this game easily. Yes, you have to know that you can find many choices of sharks for this game. Make sure that you can unlock each shark by gaining enough points to get the new shark as your collection. Then, pick the strongest shark you have as your fighter.

  • Choose the Area that You Know

Not only about having the strongest shark to win the game, you also have to know about the area that you choose. Yes, you will have some choices of sea or oceans that you can choose as the place where you will fight. Learn about the characteristics of each area to know about the circumstances there and win the game easier.

Those two tips might sound simple, but if you follow these tips, you will be easier in becoming the winner of this game. To know more about this game, you can visit

Roach Killer Types And The Most Effective One

Roaches that are running around your house is so annoying yet dangerous because they are spreading diseases. Well, you surely think about the roach killer to kill them all, right? Ok, it is almost impossible to not finding any roach in a house. They are anywhere and you know that. So, choosing to get rid the roach by using the killer is good. So, here I will give you some information about it along with the tips. You can see below.

The Three Types Of Roach Killer And The Most Effective One For Your Home

You should choose the most effective killer of roaches if you need to get rid of them fast. Well, there are about three types of roach killer you should know. You may choose all of them or one of the most effective killer. Here is the information:

  1. Spray killer or liquid. If you ask me, which one is the most effective killer? I will answer this type. The spray liquid will kill the roaches fast. However, you need to protect yourself with gloves, goggles, and mask and safety cloths first. You also should cover up your foods and drinks before you spread the killer in the air. You know how it is so important to know the poisonous liquid is spread through the air.
  2. The gel and sand bait killer. You know, these two types of the killer of roaches maybe not as effective as the spray one; however, it is not spread through the air. It is only in one spot and you can place it anywhere you want. However, you still need the gloves and other protections.

You know, all the killer of roaches has pros and cons. Therefore, you should choose based on your needs only. You may click roach killer for more information. Thus, that is all.

Simple Guideline To Clean The Ductwork

Ductwork is one of the main system and tool which is important to the air flow. There is two kind of work from this duct which is for heating and cooling. The work of this duct is simple which the air will flow to a certain place in duct’s system then will be contributed through the pipes to flow into the indoor place. The main function of the duct is to reduce allergen, dust, mold, and other polluted air. However, maintenance is still needed for it.

How To Clean The Ductwork From Dust And Mold?

For the best recommendation, you need to maintain the ductwork periodically. In that situation, there will be not too much dust or even mold inside. Once the air seems unpleasant, you have to check the duct condition. It means that you need to clean it as well. Before calling the technicians, you can try to clean the ducts on your own. Is it possible? Here are simple steps to clean the ducts:

  • You have to find the problem first, which ducts that must be cleaned
  • You can cover the supply register by using paper towels. The function is to keep the dust will not be released inside your room while it is being cleaned
  • You need to sweep out the registers using the screwdriver. Make sure that you fasten it
  • Don’t forget to turn off the fan, but don’t turn off the thermostat
  • Just vacuum the dust blower using your handle-held vacuum
  • You can also change the furnace filter with the new one since it is a good way to keep the air flow better.

If you need more explanation and tips about the ducts, so you can visit there are a lot of useful tips related to the ducts that you have at home.

Find Movies With Good Quality By Online

Lk21 becomes a favorite source for many people who are looking for the right link to download a movie. Besides that, they also might look for any best quality of videos, even though they do not watch it in the cinema. All the good things about the movies that you want to download can be found here. So, you do not need to worry about any things when you want to download your movie here. Read the following explanation and you will know about several things that make this website is good to download and find any movies.

Find What You Want To Your Movies Here!

Even though you might only download your movie and do not even go to the cinema for it, you have to make sure that you find the right place for those movies. Then, you can get some benefits only by visiting Lk21 and find those benefits here:

  • Good Quality of Movies

When you decide to download your movies here, you will available to find many good movies with good quality of videos. So, you will not need to worry about the quality of the movie that you will get. You also can get the Blu-Ray even only after 2 weeks the movie is released in the cinema.

  • Complete Collection

You also can get a complete collection of movies. Not only about the recent one, but you also can get the old movies that you want. So, you can choose which one is the best movie to download and to watch in your free time by visiting this website.

Those benefits are good things for you that you can get there. You will also never forget about those good things after you download the movies there. So, do not wait for any longer, please visit Lk21 and find your favorite movies there!