A Guide For Beginner – Rinjani Trekking

Sean   April 17, 2018   Comments Off on A Guide For Beginner – Rinjani Trekking

Are you keen on hiking and other mountaineering activities but only have one or two hiking experience? Do you want to challenge your adrenaline by mounting Rinjani trekking? Now, you do not need to feel nervous anymore. Beginners are welcome to feel the quite extreme track of Mount Rinjani. Local operators are providing excellent service for you and will assist you during trekking. All gears and supplies will be provided by them. Even, the guide and porters will not hesitate to give you a hand on carrying your heavy backpack. So what should you prepare personally?

What To Prepare For Ascending The Mountain?

If you are a beginner, there is a very long list to prepare before going to mount Rinjani trekking. However, booking travel agent will cut a lot of your preparation list. By doing so, you only need to prepare a couple of things. First of all, prepare your body to be on the highest level of fitness. Trekking requires heavy physical activity thus you need to maintain your health before going on the trip. Secondly, you definitely do not want to miss any single moment. Therefore, equip yourself with enough charging sources. Taking power bank and spare camera battery will be very necessary. Lastly, prepare your personal outfit. Loose and light t-shirt is very important to bring.

The travel operators will serve you with excellent service before, during, and after the trekking. Don’t worry too much about other trekking gears and meals supply. If you book a trip with local travel organizer, all those needs will include in the service. If you are looking for the best organizer to handle your trip to Mount Rinjani, you should peek on Rinjanibasecamp.com, a trusted Rinjani travel organizer. So, are you still wary to entrust your trip with travel organizer?