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The Best East Indonesia Vacation


Labuan Bajo is located in Flores, East Indonesia. This place is a half-moon-shaped bay that surrounded by hills. This is the best Indonesia vacation if you go east. The place is so breathtaking and picturesque. Labuan Bajo also has one of the best sunsets in Indonesia. Once you arrive in Labuan Bajo, you won’t leave and you want to revisit this place again and again.

Things To Do In Labuan Bajo

To make this Indonesia vacation worth to visit, we will give you a list of the things that you need to do while you are in Labuan Bajo.

  1. Trekking

Trekking is essential whenever you are in Labuan Bajo. You need to go to Komodo Island by trekking. As the name suggests, this island is a home to Komodo. If you want to visit this island, you need to join a tour to this place. There are many tour agents that offer you a visit to Komodo Island. The types of hikes available are varied. You can choose short trekking which is around 20 minutes or overnight trekking where you will have a camp in Komodo Island. If you want to see Komodo, you have to visit the island in the afternoon.

  1. Go to Padar Island

If you ask what is the highlight in Labuan Bajo then the only answer is Padar Island. This is the natural highlight of this place actually. Maybe you often see this place since many people often take a picture there and post it on their Instagram. The island has a famous viewpoint. You can see clearly the unique three beaches which are the white sand beach, black sand beach, and pink sand beach. The best time to visit this Island is at sunrise time. You will also meet Komodo too if you are lucky.

Those essential things will make your Indonesia vacation in Labuan Bajo perfect!

Foods Benefits For Your Health

There are so many kinds of foods in this world. In a different country, you will find different foods as well. The health benefits of foods there also will be different. Some foods may taste good in your mouth but some foods may not so good. By the way, here I will give you the info about the benefits of several kinds of foods for you.

Several Daily Foods And The Benefits Of Them For Your Health

You may think it is not important to know the benefits of foods as long as you are satisfied and have the energy to do your activities. However, it is important to help you choose the right foods for your needs. You may aware the benefits of foods you consume every day as well.

So, what kind of foods you consume every day? Here, I will mention several of common foods people consume in all countries. I wish after you know the benefits of them; you will eat more the healthy foods every day. Here are the health benefits of foods:

  1. There are many good things and benefits of this foods. You will find many nutrition, fiber, and vitamin. It is very good for your health, life and also for your diet!
  2. This tasty food has the same benefits of the vegetables above. However, almost all people love fruits. If you do not really like the vegetables; you may eat more fruits.
  3. Some countries make the rice as the main primary foods. It has carbohydrate and another good source of energy.
  4. Eggs and meats. It is delicious foods for all people. Eggs contain much protein that is good for your body and health. Beef and chicken also has their own benefits of health.

Click the health benefits of foods to get more benefits of foods including beef or chicken. You will get the tips and useful information about foods as well over there. That is all and stay healthy.

2017 TV Series that are Worth to Watch

There are many great TV series last year that are available right now on Mobdro app. You can watch popular TV series on this app. Mobdro is a streaming app where you can watch TV series, movies, documentaries, sports event, live event, and many contents freely and legally.

3 Popular TV Series in 2017

Below are some of many popular TV series that aired last year. If you miss the last season of these TV series below, now you can watch it for free.

  1. 13 Reasons Why

This TV series is really popular among teenager. Although there are some people who dislike this series since they said that it is romanticized to death and suicide, there are more people who love this series because of its mental awareness. This series follows a girl named Hannah Baker who commit suicide. Before she dies, she records 13 tapes and sends them to the people who are the reasons behind her death.

  1. Agents of SHIELD

If you love Marvel, then you need to watch this TV series. As the name suggests, the story follows people who work for SHIELD. Agent Coulson who died in the first Avenger movie is revived in this story and lead the team. Right now, Agents of SHILED is already in season 5. You can watch the last season on Mobdro app. The plot also in line with Marvel Cinematic Universe. Maybe you can get hints to the next Avengers movie from this TV series?

  1. The Handmaid’s Tale

Based on the popular dystopian novel, The Handmaid’s Tale is unique, beautiful, and scary. This is one of the best TV series in 2017. The plot, cast, cinematography are all great. Everyone who works for this TV series deserves standing applause.

Whenever you want to watch those 3 TV series, you need to download Mobdro apk first only on

Easy Steps To Download Free Music

Free music is anywhere in the free listening music application. However, not all of them are free to listen. You need to pay or get the special member of the application. Well, I think you should download free music download for this case. You do not need to waste your money anymore just to listen to one music through the application.

Several Easy Steps To Download Free Music In One Website Page

You should know it is not easy to get the best music for free. However, it is possible and can be done easily if you know the way. Do you love some kind of music right now? You should get it and listen to it in your best mood.

Here, I will share the easy steps to download free music download only for you. I will share the link as well to get the whole songs or album through one website page. So, are you ready with the list of the songs you want to download? Here are the steps to download them:

  1. You should visit the website page to download the song for free. Click the link in the last paragraph.
  2. You will see the blank searching box on the top of it. Then, type the title of the song or the artist name in it.
  3. Choose one of the lists below the box by clicking download. You may click play first if you want to make sure the song is right.
  4. Then, choose the quality of the song with the yellow color one. Last, click download.

So, you are having the new favorite mp3 song in your gadget or computer now. This is the link to the website page: download free music download. You also can get one full album of your favorite singer there. Thus, that is all and enjoy!

Best Free Strategy Game Review

Playing games with a free service is one thing that will certainly be sought by many people. Moreover, there is one type of game the most sought after by many people throughout Indonesia is the game 60 seconds free download. This game has a number of interesting genres for you to try to play and win it for sure. Various genres or categories of games have certainly welcomed you who are true gamers. Well, for one genre that can be selected to play is a game with the strategy genre.

Promo 60 Seconds Free Game

Getting sites that provide services to play games and download games for free will certainly be hunted by many gamers in Indonesia. Especially in a number of games 60 seconds free download this you will get so many promo-promo interesting, even promo can reach 40 to 60%. Another promo is the latest installation update promo if you have downloaded the previous series.

There are many types of strategy games that you can choose to play and at the same time for you to download. Most of the games provided on the site are some games that adopt from popular games. We can take a small example that there is a game that resembles the game The Sims 3, then Super Mario games, and so forth.

Play Your Free Game

Sites that are able to provide services to play games for free as well as sites that provide services for downloading games for free only on the site There are many types of games with a strategy genre that can be played. Use your best strategy to win some awesome games on the site.

Install Free Game 60 Seconds Free

Fun game after game you can download easily when opening the site. Later at the bottom of the site, there will be green buttons with downloaded posts. Well, you can click to download the game. Then, you will go inside the installation and then install it using the device you used to download.


Diet Doesn’t Have To Make You Hungry

Every people wants to have an ideal body shape. Our confidence will drop if we overweight, distended stomach, an unseen neckline, and ended up of being bullied by our friends that sometimes make us lose more confidence. For you who feel uncomfortable with that surely will find any way to lose your weight and gain your confidence back.

One of very popular way is doing a diet. Diet is a method to reduce your weight in a way to set your meal and also the healthy menus. If you think that diet is about a little portion of your food, and make yourself starving to death, you are wrong. These are some diet tips you must note.

Diet Tips Without Struggle

First, don’t let yourself starve. Many people think that reduce your meal portion will help. But, if you do that, it actually just makes you feel hungrier, and it is ended up making you want to eat more. The thing you need to do is to choose food in small portion but can fulfill your need for nutrition. For example, consume a boiled egg, banana, or yogurt.

The next, you must pay attention to the fluid requirement in your body. Make sure that you drink enough water to prevent your body from dehydration. Drink at least 2 liters of water a day. Moreover, make sure that your body gets enough rest. If you get enough rest, so your body will regenerate more efficiently

For you who like to eat salty food, you must reduce the consumption of food that contains a lot of salt for now. Salt makes your body have a problem in doing fat metabolism. You have to eat more vegetables and fruits like an apple that low in calories to make your diet more successful. Hopefully, the tips will help you in losing weight.

Simple Guide To Win Hello Neighbor Game

Trying to accomplish the mission in hello neighbor alpha 1 free download is somehow difficult. Attempting the same techniques will make AI recognize your behavior. As result, he will find a way to block you out and locked you up. Therefore, you have to explore some attempts to find the most effective one.

Trying Ding Dong Ditch Strategy

You need to sneak into the house and find the key to open the mysterious room. The first easiest technique is by doing what’s so call by ding dong ditch technique. You just have to ring the doorbell and retreat to your house then close your door.

It will make your neighbor open the front door and he will let the door unlocked. Therefore, you can access through the front door. This tactic in hello neighbor alpha 1 free download also works well to draw his attention away from a particular area of the house.

Using Radio As Distractor

Another tactic is by using radio which is available in the bedroom. Take the radio from the house and put it in a certain spot outside of your neighbor’s house. Turn it on by pressing the action button then hide until the neighbor takes the radio and come inside. You can enter the house through the front door or backside while he is busy with the radio.

Ringing The Alarm Clock To Break In

The alarm clock is another tool that you can use to distract your neighbor and buy you some time to sneak into his house. You may find it in the living room. Grab it as soon as possible and run back to your home before he notices you. Then, turn it on and place it somewhere in the back of the house so you can sneak into through front door. Those are some tactics to accomplish the mission in hello neighbor alpha 1 free download.

The Benefits Of Mobdro App Premium

Since there is a high demand for a customer of the mobdro app, the team of mobdro is currently managing to launch the premium version if this application. As a small company, mobdro in free version already gives the streamers good experience. So, why the team of mobdro needs to launch the premium version? Here are some other limitless benefits you may get.

What You Get On The Premium Version

  1. advertisement

This ad-free feature is actually very convenient for the streamers. We can stream any video on the app without getting disturbed with the advertisement. You will never find any advertisement popped up on your screen anytime you use this application.

  1. Download as many as you want

This feature allows the streamers to download any video without restrictions. You can download unlimited videos and rewatch it on your device for free without an internet connection. This premium version of mobdro app will give you a new experience that is very interesting.

  1. The support of Chromecast

Integrating your mobdro to bigger screen becomes possible now. Some streamers may use the bigger screen when they stream a good video in the application. Mostly, it is because they also want to share the video they have just watched to other people. By activating the Chromecast integrated to the application, you will be able to use this feature.

  1. Sleep Timer

The same as its name, you may watch the video late at night. In order to avoid your video keep playing until morning, there will be a feature called sleep timer. You can set when the video should be stopped playing

  1. Cloud share

Once you finish download a video. It will be automatically uploaded to your online storage called cloud share.

  1. Other upcoming features should be live event notification and favorite synchronization. One thing to remember, the team is still working on it. In other words, those features of premium mobdro app will be available soon.\

How To Naturally Prevent Cold And Flu

Being unhealthy or sick is never being a good thing for everyone. Even though when we are sick we will have a chance to take a rest, this is not a good thing since our resting will not that good. Many illnesses might come to our body and the range of illness is also different one and another. Some illnesses are a common illness that can be recovered easily; meanwhile some other might belong to the dangerous illness that needs serious recovery process.

Prevent Cold And Flu Naturally

Cold and flu are one of many sicknesses that belong to common sickness. Even though it is a common thing that happens, it does not mean we can take it as easy thing. We still need to think about any prevention and treatment of this illness. Then, what should we do to prevent any flu and cold to come?

  1. Increase Your Immune System

Cold and flu are two types of common illness that can be caused by the low of the immune system. The low immune system can make you easier to sick and it can cause more problems with your health. You can increase your immune system by considering foods that you eat, like taking vitamin and more vegetables.

  1. Routine Exercise

For some people, exercise is tiring and you might too lazy to do that. However, it will make your body becomes fit and it will make your body becomes better to avoid sickness. So, make sure to spend your time to do exercise, in order to have the healthier body for your healthy life.

  1. Healthy Habits

The other thing that you can do to prevent cold and flu is having a healthy habit. Of course, it is important for you to do some simple things like washing your hands before and after a meal and many more. Those things will help you to avoid any illness, include cold and flu.

As being healthy is a good thing to do, you have to do it wisely to get better and healthy life. Then, you can live easily without any sickness.

Get Part-Time Job Without Bothering Your Studies

Get a part time jobs in abroad is something common. Many students are earning some money from their work as a part-time worker. There are many kinds of jobs for them, such as work for their campus. There are also some colleges that open the recruitment of the students. They can work in the canteen, in the library, and even an assistant in the laboratory.

You can get any job you want in there, as long as it does not bother your studies at the campus. Make sure that your time is well organized. Working part-time will allow you to earn income that helps you to pay your tuition fees, and the rest of the income can be used to have fun with your friends and enjoying the result you get.

How to Get Part Time Job in Malaysia?

If you study in Malaysia, you also can get a part time jobs just like in the other country. There are several jobs that can be registered by the student who wants to get income. The student can work in the restaurant, in the minimarket, at the hotel, and also work in the gas patrol. But they cannot work in a cashier, as a singer or musician, a massage therapist, a receptionist in a hotel or other place, and the other immoral jobs.

The student can get the job, and there are some conditions that the students must obey. There is 20 hours maximum for works, and they only can do the jobs during the semester breaks, in a holiday, or seven days of holiday.

There are some requirements that you must submit if you want to register to get a part time jobs. The files that you need to prepare are the copy of passport, the address, phone number and a letter for the job giver, the registration cost.