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All About Gaming Motherboard

Gaming is not only a trivial activity to enjoy leisure time. For some people, gaming is definitely another life and spirit. And this era of advanced technology the demand of pro gamers of better equipment and devices are getting higher. They need best gaming motherboard to accommodate their passion for gaming and other purposes. Motherboard becomes an important and essential component to support better gaming experience.

The Difference Of Ordinary And Gaming Motherboard

The basic function of motherboard either ordinary or gaming series is just the same. It works to connect each part and component to work optimally. People can use ordinary motherboard to play games but it won’t work as excellent as the gaming does. So, in a simple way, gaming motherboard comes with advanced features to deliver a better gaming experience.

It is exclusively designed for people with great passion for gaming and hardware. Some people who aim to use CPU for what so-called by creating content, this kind of motherboard will do. It offers a better standard of components compare to ordinary one. Unfortunately, gaming motherboard is available in the priceyer budget.

  • High standard components

Best gaming motherboard will use high-quality components. It supports stable and reliable use. The better quality, the longer it can last. Therefore, gamers are not only purchasing for short-term use but pay for the long-term investment.

  • High technology

The possibility of using new technology is the highlight of most gaming motherboard. However, some also emphasize on optimizing previous technology to increase the performance. To enhance CPU stability cooling system is improved. Audio, graphics card, memory slots are also becoming better.

  • Impressive design

Not only in the component and technology, the improvement comes in term of design as well. Best gaming motherboard offers gorgeous looking board. The design can handle any issue regarding space, air circulation, and temperature control. This kind of compact design gives better performance.

Why You Need Mobdro

Are you looking for a tool for streaming freely? The mobdro app is the one. You do not need to pay for every video that you watched. Moreover, you do not need to pay a monthly bill to access all videos. It sounds great since you can stream more than a hundred videos in various channels freely. Moreover, you can also even install it through various devices. So, what are other advantages of installing the Mobdro application? Just check this out!

The Advantages of Installing Mobdro

Besides you can stream various videos freely, there are more advantages for having mobdro app. Here are the most advantages of installing Mobdro on your device:

  • Get More Videos Freely

There is no limited access to Mobdro. You can freely stream any kind of TV programs, movies, and other channels on your devices. There will be no charge for every video and even no charge for monthly accessibility. What makes it more tremendous is you can even various videos based on more than five categorizations.

  • Pay Only for More Features

Basically, the Mobdro has two version. However, both of the version still lets you access unlimited videos freely. For the first version is Freemium. It has limited features but still can let you stream videos freely. For the second, there are Premium features that have a charge for more features. You can still get free access to this version, but you have more features to get.

  • Compatible with Various Devices

Some of the tools for streaming has limited access. However, the mobdro app is compatible with various devices. You can access the application through your smartphone, either Android or iOS. Then, you can also stream various programs through your Smart TV freely at home. If you have PC, so it is also compatible with this application.

Updating Printer Driver

When you download printer driver from a long time ago and suddenly the printer doesn’t work, it means that you need to update your printer driver right now. Because if you don’t update your printer driver, it will cause a headache to you. Especially if your work is related to typing and printing. Updating your printer driver is necessary.

A corrupt or outdated printer driver will cause your PC to not work properly. It can become unstable or even worse, crash. To update your printer driver, you just need to go to the website and download the newest version. Update printer driver will improve the printer and your PC’s work, increase the stability, fix bugs, as well as give new capabilities and features.

How to Download Printer Driver by Updating Them

First of all, you need to discover your outdated printer driver before you download printer driver in the newest version. How to do that? It is really easy. First, open the Windows and go to Printers and Devices section. You can go to the Start or Windows button and type printers and devices in the available search box there. After you press Enter, there will be a list that related to printers and devices.

You need to download the newest printer driver if there is a yellow mark or point on the icon. But if your PC doesn’t have the mark or doesn’t even report you that you need to update the driver, you still have to download the newest version on your own. Thus, you have to know the model of your current printer. The name can be seen on the part of the printer. You can also check on the Printers and Devices menu.

Go to the website to download the newest driver. You can download printer driver here and don’t forget to type the name and model of your printer. The search result will show and click the driver that match with your PC.

See The Blue Flame Of Ijen Now!

Do you want to get Ijen blue flame trip with your family with the best package? Here is the information for you. Do not worry about anything; there are so many good news here for you. You will get the best view of blue flame of Ijen crater. Besides, you will be able to visit Bromo and other places in Indonesia such as Prambanan, Borobudur even Bali!

The Best Tour Agency To Bring You The Best View Of Ijen Blue Flame

Have you ever heard about the blue flame in Ijen? You know, it is very beautiful. You will see it just like the big flame from the gorgeous stove. Ok, maybe it is not stove; I just cannot give you the right image about it. You need to see it by yourself! Trust me, you will never regret it.

Ijen blue flame trip with the right tour agency will bring you to the right place at the right time. Besides, you will get the best services as well from the agency. There are so many options for the packages you will find. You could choose the right package based on your needs. For example, you can choose four to five days to go to Yogyakarta, Bromo, and Bali.

If you are confused with the options; you can ask your family and ask the best package or you can ask the tour agency by yourself. Therefore, you will get the best detail of each package. The several services that you will get include the hotel accommodation, driver with English speaking, guide and so on. You will badly need them but you just need to have fun because they are all prepared for the package services.

Well, do not wait too much time; you may visit the website page here: Ijen blue flame trip. Thus, that is all the information and recommendation of tour agency for you. I wish you will have fun and happy to see the blue flame there.

Downloading Epson New Driver

Since Epson has released an update to their Epson printer driver, there are many people who are looking for Epson driver download on the internet. There are many people who want to download the driver since the latest software already fix bugs in the previous update. There is also more support for the latest driver so you can use this to print and scanning many files and devices.

New Epson Driver Download

If you are an Epson fan who always use Epson printer, you will absolutely need this new software. In fact, the update should automatically appear in Software Update on your PC. But sometimes, your PC can’t give you the latest updates for drivers and software.

The latest Epson driver download doesn’t need much storages. Just the standard amount of storage. So, if you want to download the driver for the specific printer that you use already, you can find them on the internet and download them easily. But if the printer that you want comes in a package, the chance of you extract the specific driver will be low since it a hard thing to do.

Epson still maintains many old printers and those are still supported by the old operating system too. So, you don’t need to update new operating system on your PC. When you have a problem with specific software, you can check whether the software is still on the list or not. If that specific software doesn’t include on the list, then you can download and install it with the previous version. But this will do if you want to use the old version.

However, Epson driver download is available for you too. You just need to click ‘Print and Fax’ and then choose the plus icon in the list. This way is needed so your PC can recognize a new printer that you want to install.  Then choose ‘Default’ as the printer connection type and it’s done!

Start Your Small Business by Online

Many people have a dream to start their business. Of course, they have to search and decide what kind of business that they want to try. For those who want to start a small online business, you can find many businesses that can inspire you. If you really want to know some types of online business that you can try, here is some inspiration for you to try.

Starting Online Business for Beginners

If you decide to start your own business in the beginning, you might be ready for some ideas of the business. However, if you still do not have any ideas about the small online business that you want to try, the following types of business will be helpful for you.

  • Culinary

Of course, you can also work with culinary business by online. You can use the system of delivery order to run your culinary online business. Without needing to open any restaurant, you can work in your home and wait for an order. Then, cook and deliver the order.

  • Fashion Online Shop

This is something that very common nowadays. Many people are interested in fashion and fashion is one of the biggest needs of people. So, having this business is good for you to start. You can be more focus on the fashion of women or any specific items of fashion.

  • Drop Shipping Business

This is the other type of online business that you also can do by online. The benefit of having this business is that you do not need to think too much about the money to start the business. Besides that, this business is also something that easy to run, so you can learn fast about this business.

If you want to learn more about many online businesses, you can visit There will be many inspirations for the business that you can try.

Get to Know 2018 Lexus 350

The best new car 2018 for SUV category is probably Lexus 350. Why it deserves the title? There are some major factors that classify it as the best SUV. It includes the value that it offers, the performance and safety features. The following extended information will give a clearer answer.

The Best Low-Cost Car

Lexus RX 350 is considered as the best value in its category. Most of its competitors set the price about $60,000 up to more than $100,000. Meanwhile, this series of Lexus is available under $50,000 for the base type.

In addition to its lower cost, it is equipped with Lexus standard safety system. The safety system includes automatic emergency brake system, collision warning, and lane departure warning. Although it comes at a very affordable price, it still serves you great safety standard. Therefore, drivers and passengers will not worry when they are hitting the road.

New Features for 2018 Release

This best new car 2018, Lexus RX 350, has some additional features. The first new feature is the additional rear seat. Unlike the predecessor with only 2-row seat, this series comes with the 3-row seat. Secondly, it adds security service that can last longer. The base model also offers moonroof and blind spot monitoring.

The car has shown notable changes after its last refined in 2016. The changes can be noted from its new front-wheel-drive system and upgraded safety features. However, with its low cost, compared to its rivals, you cannot expect super comfortable performance. If you demand high-end interior design you may need to sacrifice more money or choose a more expensive competitor.

If you are looking best new car 2018 in term of convenient amount of purchase, Lexus RX 350 is still the best bet. It does serve you with low cost and standard performance yet more advanced safety standard.

The Best Coworking Space in Bali and Jakarta

Bali and Jakarta are two big cities that always be crowded by many people from many places even countries. Do you love to live there? There must be coworking space as well for the startup founder and freelancers there. The big cities with productive people surely have that place. So, are you searching for the best space of coworking for yourself and your partner in those two cities?

Introducing the Best Coworking Space in Bali and Jakarta with Best Facilities

The best places for work such as offices should be comfortable and provided with the best facilities. You will see it all from Marquee Offices. They do not only provide the offices and virtual offices but also coworking place or space.

Marquee Offices has coworking space in Jakarta and Bali. They all have the best facilities with comfortable places for all freelancers and startup founder of any kind of business. You will be able to work alone or with your partners and new people. You will love to know that your knowledge increases and the new inspiration are coming.

Then, how about the detail facilities? You will find many facilities you need such as free high-speed internet connection, local area network, fully furnished offices, meeting room, conference room, welcoming reception area, professional surroundings, IT maintenance and support and you will love to know that there is free flow refreshment like coffee, tea, and water.

You will love to know new friends from the like-minded people as yours there. You may exchange the knowledge and work together. You can take your partners as well and see the beauty of Bali and Jakarta afterward. You can find more information about this Coworking place or space here: coworking space. Thus, that is all the information for you. Tell your friends who are freelancers and startup founders to join you.

The Most Popular Game Right Now

What is the most popular game right now? It is Angry Birds 2! It is a video game which developed by a Finnish company named Rovio Entertainment. There are many sequels to this game, including the second series. The game premise is birds who need to defeat pigs to save their eggs. The developer takes an inspiration from Crush the Castle 2. Angry Birds is a major success. Many people praise it for the comical style, fun gameplay, and low price as well. The popularity is so massive until the developer creates many spin-offs of this game. You can play this game on video game consoles and PCs.

Angry Birds 2 Popularity

Angry Birds 2 popularity is no joke. You can find many Angry Birds’ characters in many kinds of stuff such as a t-shirt, hat, bag, shoes, stationery, toys, books, tumbler, watch, and other stuff. The big popularity also led the game to have a film and televised cartoon version. The first game of Angry Birds was released in December 2009. And on January 2014, the game has been downloaded or purchased more than 2 billion times. The sequel to this game was released in July 2015. And this sequel has been downloaded or purchased more than 3 billion times. This makes Angry Birds franchise become the most downloaded game of all time.

One of the most mainstream games that people plat at least once in their lifetime is the original Angry Birds. The game is also the biggest mobile game success in the history. Due to its popularity, Angry Birds has its own series which released in May 2016 by Columbia Pictures. Rovio becomes more creative as the time goes by. Angry Birds 2 is already created with its new features, new levels, new birds, and new location. Have you played this game? You can download this game only on

Doubts about Tesla Model S You Should Clarify

My designing accomplice and I chose to assemble a PC prototype for Tesla Model S. The prototype is very definite and incorporates specifics like itemized engine maps, equip proportions, and even the wheel measurements. Likewise, we included distributed specs for Tesla’s NCA battery science. In the event that you need to look at the specifications, go to engineer site for HSR engines. With a specific end goal to confirm the countdown, we initially demonstrated the related engine, and then the prototype anticipated Tesla’s distributed specifications of the auto. We at that point displayed the Roadster utilizing every accessible datum. We needed to compute new apparatus proportions since the auto can go up to 400 km/h.

Here Are the Additional Goodies

Elon has just revealed to us the Tesla Model S possesses about 200,000-watt hour batteries and ten thousand newton meter hub torque. We began with engine horse power and force power for the exact engine, however utilized two engines on the back pivot and one engine in front. At that point, it is scaled that the engine torque and horse power until the enchantment found about 1.9 secs in second acceleration increasing speed time. It is discovered that the car with 200,000-watt hour batteries is balanced similarly with previous Tesla battery specifications. There is not enchantment in technique new science included, much the same as mini car. We required all of energy the 200.000-watt hour batteries can take out however we could get the execution we required by the specifications distributed at HSR Engines.

The model predicts that the Tesla Model S has at least,

  • Range : 1126 km+
  • Add up to hub force rotation :10,000 Nm
  • Add up to horse power : 1242 HP/926 kW
  • First acceleration : 0.88 seconds
  • Second acceleration : 1.76 seconds
  • Third acceleration : 3.14 seconds
  • 4 km time                         : 8.33 seconds
  • Maximum speed : 402.3 km/h

The above pull falls specifically in accordance with Electra’s past estimation. I’m assessing that the force must be measured in MW unit, so it will be about to have great power.