Choosing The Right Baby Bottle

Sean   April 30, 2018   Comments Off on Choosing The Right Baby Bottle

Mothers with newborn babies are eager to breastfeed their babies directly. This is indeed recommended by medical experts because breast milk has complete nutrition and excellence irreplaceable by any formula milk. But sometimes a mother cannot breastfeed her baby because her milk does not come out. To overcome this, breast milk should be pumped out using a pumping device, and then stored in Glass Baby Bottles.

Breast milk is stored in glass bottles to be stored in storage areas that are usually frozen. It aims to make breast milk last longer. Breastfeeding mothers whose breast milk is hard to come out have to pump their breasts, using either manual or electronic breast pumps.

Keeping The Quality Of Breast Milk Inside The Bottle

It is actually already very commonly encountered in this modern era. Breast milk is pumped out using a tool and then stored in glass baby bottles. This is done for the mother’s mother whose milk is not fluent. However, sometimes even normal women do it on the grounds that having a supply of milk stored in a bottle would be more practical.

Basically, breastfeeding with this method is fine. However, there are some things you need to note that mothers should be smart to choose baby bottles that are used to store breast milk. Bottles that are used are safe based ingredients used to store foodstuffs, so as not to contaminate breast milk. The use of glass as a bottle is also good, but care should be more careful because the glass is vulnerable to break.

In addition, breast milk storage should also be considered more. Keep breast milk at low temperatures to prevent the growth of germs and bacteria that can contaminate breast milk. In addition, always keep the cleanliness of the storage of breast milk that is glass baby bottles for the growth of disease germs can be avoided.