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Posted on 03rd February 2014 by Jo

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Are you crazy about chocolate? I certainly am which is why I was thrilled to have not ONE, not TWO but THREE Choccywoccydoodah cakes at our wedding!

Choccywoccy do some amazing cakes and they don’t have to blow the budget like you would think!

Their bespoke cakes start from £400 but there are numerous options available to suit every budget! Their ‘Cherubic designer cake’ which is simply beautiful only costs £199 (and feeds up to 40 people) and if you wanted to go cheaper still then why not opt for the ‘house style cakes’ which is exactly what we did at our wedding.

We opted for 3 house style cakes each of differing flavours and mounted them on 3 red pedestals to really make a feature. We even got to taste all of the different cake flavours before we chose our favourite three – chocolate heaven!

We had 75 guests at our wedding and the three cakes were more than enough, we even got to take some home- yummy!

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Photo source: Samuel da Silva Photography

The cost of the smaller cakes were £34.99 each and the slightly taller middle cake was £49.99.

Please email me if you have any questions or visit the choccywoccy website

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