Customisable Wedding Shoes – Amazing Idea!!!!

Posted on 20th March 2014 by Jo

dorothy-red-sparkly-wedding shoes

All Photos source: Upper Street

For me, after the dress comes SHOES especially if you are wearing a shorter dress and really want to show them off!

For my wedding day, I opted for a pair of cream Vivienne Westwood Lady Dragon Heart shoes (with red hearts!) and I absolutely loved them!! They were perfect for my dress, everyone commented on them and most importantly they were comfortable, meaning that I could dance the night away ……and I certainly did!

However, everyone is different and each bride will have their own idea of what they want their perfect wedding shoes to look like. The trouble comes when you have this wonderful image in your head but you can’t find them anywhere……nightmare!  So girlies, I have found the solution……DESIGN YOUR VERY OWN WEDDING SHOES…..amazing!


Upper Street, is a company created by Julia Grinham and Katy Chandler who understand what it is like trying to find your perfect shoes! So they decided to set up a company that will design your ideal shoe for you. The website is unbelievable, you can honestly see your perfect shoe being designed right in front of your eyes and EVERYTHING is completely customisable!!! Fancy a bow, just add it…. peep toe, no problem….the colour green, easy! Try it out, you will love it!






The shoes are not cheap but a completely customised shoe is available from £250-£300 and will ensure that you don’t waste time searching for your dream shoes and the end product will be exactly what you imagined! You can even request sample colour swatches to be sent to you to ensure that the colour matches perfectly with your wedding colour scheme or to ensure that it is exactly the colour that you had in mind! Visit their website

So good luck ladies, and make sure you let me know how you get on!

Jo x


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