Dell Inspiron 13 5000; Your Great Inexpensive Laptop

Sean   May 25, 2018   Comments Off on Dell Inspiron 13 5000; Your Great Inexpensive Laptop

You might already familiar with laptop brand named Dell. Of course, this brand has no joke popularity as one of the best brands for a laptop. To maintain the popularity becomes stable and even increasing, Dell tries to give the best products as it offers the best laptops under 700 dollars. Choosing this laptop for your works and hobby will be a very great chance to try. Then, what are the things that can make this laptop great?

Dell Inspiron 15; Great Laptop With Inexpensive Price

As one of the best laptops under 700 dollars, of course, it has many specifications that make this laptop great enough to be the best. The specifications will lead you to find the best performance of this laptop for many activities that you can do with a laptop.

  • Processor

This laptop is supported with huge RAM, which is 8GB DDR4 RAM. Besides that, the processor that is used in this laptop is i5-7300HQ Quad Core. With the support of the specifications, it makes Dell Inspiron 15 becomes one of the best and fastest laptop to you.

  • Graphic

You have to know that this laptop is supported with 1920×1080 resolutions, which will give you the best graphics appearance. So, this laptop is good enough for you who are gamers.

  • Memory

Not only important to know about processor and graphic, knowing about the memory or the storage capacity is also something important. It has the storage capacity around 1TB, which becomes very precious for you. However, it is also supported with 4GB GDDR5 for video memory.

  • Features

Not only about the previous specifications, it still has several additional features like Bluetooth, Ethernet, USB 3.0 ports, SD Card slots, HDMI, etc.

Those great specifications of Dell Inspiron15 are worth under $700, which is something that very affordable. So, what do you think about this best laptops under 700 dollars?