Doubts about Tesla Model S You Should Clarify

Sean   April 16, 2018   Comments Off on Doubts about Tesla Model S You Should Clarify

My designing accomplice and I chose to assemble a PC prototype for Tesla Model S. The prototype is very definite and incorporates specifics like itemized engine maps, equip proportions, and even the wheel measurements. Likewise, we included distributed specs for Tesla’s NCA battery science. In the event that you need to look at the specifications, go to engineer site for HSR engines. With a specific end goal to confirm the countdown, we initially demonstrated the related engine, and then the prototype anticipated Tesla’s distributed specifications of the auto. We at that point displayed the Roadster utilizing every accessible datum. We needed to compute new apparatus proportions since the auto can go up to 400 km/h.

Here Are the Additional Goodies

Elon has just revealed to us the Tesla Model S possesses about 200,000-watt hour batteries and ten thousand newton meter hub torque. We began with engine horse power and force power for the exact engine, however utilized two engines on the back pivot and one engine in front. At that point, it is scaled that the engine torque and horse power until the enchantment found about 1.9 secs in second acceleration increasing speed time. It is discovered that the car with 200,000-watt hour batteries is balanced similarly with previous Tesla battery specifications. There is not enchantment in technique new science included, much the same as mini car. We required all of energy the 200.000-watt hour batteries can take out however we could get the execution we required by the specifications distributed at HSR Engines.

The model predicts that the Tesla Model S has at least,

  • Range : 1126 km+
  • Add up to hub force rotation :10,000 Nm
  • Add up to horse power : 1242 HP/926 kW
  • First acceleration : 0.88 seconds
  • Second acceleration : 1.76 seconds
  • Third acceleration : 3.14 seconds
  • 4 km time                         : 8.33 seconds
  • Maximum speed : 402.3 km/h

The above pull falls specifically in accordance with Electra’s past estimation. I’m assessing that the force must be measured in MW unit, so it will be about to have great power.