Easy Way to Write Attractive Love Status

Sean   April 9, 2018   Comments Off on Easy Way to Write Attractive Love Status

Do you want to express your feeling towards your love one? There are so many ways to express it actually. One of them is updating love status. People nowadays cannot leave their gadget behind. That is why gadget and technology becomes a center of life. There are so many people who like to share their feeling and though through updating the status. It is a common one today. So, it will be special if you also can share your feeling and though about your partner through the status.

Step by Step to Write Love Status on WhatsApp

If you want to update love status, so WhatsApp can be the best one. Moreover, there is a new features updated on WhatsApp which let you to upload the most attractive status. Here are steps to get the most attractive status to be displayed on WhatsApp status:

  • Get the Phrase

If you want to share a romantic status, so there are two options. For the first, you can quotes the romantic words by mentioning the creator. Second, you can make a wonderful words by yourself. Whether the first or second choice, you need to prepare the phrase before updating it. Everything has to be perfect.


  • Choose Background

After that, you can go to WhatsApp and do as you do as usual to update the status. You can choose the text based. Then, choose the prettiest background that you have. It can be a background photo or a colour background. Make sure you choose the attractive one.


  • Choose the Font

After uploading the background, you need to write the phrase. You can try write a word first to check the font and font colour. Then, you can arrange the font of your love status. Make it readable. You can get different font size like on leaflet.