Get to Know 2018 Lexus 350

Sean   May 7, 2018   Comments Off on Get to Know 2018 Lexus 350

The best new car 2018 for SUV category is probably Lexus 350. Why it deserves the title? There are some major factors that classify it as the best SUV. It includes the value that it offers, the performance and safety features. The following extended information will give a clearer answer.

The Best Low-Cost Car

Lexus RX 350 is considered as the best value in its category. Most of its competitors set the price about $60,000 up to more than $100,000. Meanwhile, this series of Lexus is available under $50,000 for the base type.

In addition to its lower cost, it is equipped with Lexus standard safety system. The safety system includes automatic emergency brake system, collision warning, and lane departure warning. Although it comes at a very affordable price, it still serves you great safety standard. Therefore, drivers and passengers will not worry when they are hitting the road.

New Features for 2018 Release

This best new car 2018, Lexus RX 350, has some additional features. The first new feature is the additional rear seat. Unlike the predecessor with only 2-row seat, this series comes with the 3-row seat. Secondly, it adds security service that can last longer. The base model also offers moonroof and blind spot monitoring.

The car has shown notable changes after its last refined in 2016. The changes can be noted from its new front-wheel-drive system and upgraded safety features. However, with its low cost, compared to its rivals, you cannot expect super comfortable performance. If you demand high-end interior design you may need to sacrifice more money or choose a more expensive competitor.

If you are looking best new car 2018 in term of convenient amount of purchase, Lexus RX 350 is still the best bet. It does serve you with low cost and standard performance yet more advanced safety standard.