How To Protect Your Kidney?

Sean   May 17, 2018   Comments Off on How To Protect Your Kidney?

We have 2 kidneys in our body. Kidney has several functions that it is very important for us such as to filter our blood from a toxin, to keep the balance of salinity, to produce erythropoietin that it is very important for our body to produce red blood and to produce vitamin D. As we know, whose function is very important for our body. If our kidney gets a disease it will disturb our health seriously. Moreover, we should protect our kidney.

Tips To Protect Our Kidney

The most valuable thing is to prevent our kidney from the disease. It means that you should get the healthy style. There are several tips to protect our Kidney

  • Food

You should pay attention to your food. The best food for our kidney is vegetable and fruit. Moreover, the organic farm is the best choice for you.

  • Sport

Sport is the key to keep our body from disease. You are not only can prevent kidney disease but also other diseases.

  • Proportional body

Obesity is one of the diseases that trigger kidney disease. It means that proportional body is the good way to prevent this disease.

All of them is the main ways to protect your kidney. It will help you to get a healthy life.

The Cure For Kidney Disease

If you are late to protect your kidney, there are several ways to cure your kidney.

  • Medicine

It is the first step to cure your disease. Ramipril and valsartan are the famous medicine for kidney surfer.

  • Diet

Diet can help your kidney. One of the main function of the kidney is to filter our blood. Diet can reduce the work of kidney. So, it will help to maintain your kidney.

  • Kidney dialysis

It is the last cure. This threatens will wash our blood from the toxin. After this treatment, blood will be pure. However, you should get routine treatment because the pureblood will be infiltrated by the toxin.