How to Sleep Better

Sean   April 13, 2018   Comments Off on How to Sleep Better

Sleep is the need of everyone who cannot be underestimated. However, in the midst of daily activities, a person may not pay much attention to her sleeping hours and continue to stay up late into the night. Otherwise, various studies have shown that sleep deprivation can cause various adverse effects. One’s short-term effects may be more difficult to concentrate, weaken, and experience emotional instability. Meanwhile, the long-term effects of sleep deprivation increase the risk of catastrophic diseases such as cancer and heart disease. Then, how do we set the sleep schedule to return to normal? Here are some tips that may help you improve sleep patterns.

Turn Off the Lights

A few hours before bedtime, reduce the exposure of light in the room by turning off the lights. Besides, turn off or avoid gadgets because the screen emits blue light that is not good for the body’s biological clock. When the body is exposed to light, the production of the melatonin hormone will be disrupted. The impact is that a person may find it more difficult to fall asleep or to decrease the sleep quality.

Gradual Fix

When someone is used to staying up late and finds it hard to go back to a typical sleeping hour, it is recommended to fix it gradually. The trick can be to slowly sleep a little earlier for the body’s biological clock is also slowly accustomed.

Set the Room Temperature

When we sleep in a hot room it is definitely not comfortable and will make us wake up in the middle of bedtime. Therefore, keep the room cool as much as possible. It may be with the help of tools such as air conditioner, fan, or a simple with little open door or window room.

Avoid Late Snack

If it’s late, avoid eating too much snack. The reason is that the body will be more awake to work hard to digest the last food that goes into the stomach.