List Of Best Nutrition For Digestion Problem

Sean   August 27, 2017   Comments Off on List Of Best Nutrition For Digestion Problem

Healthy digestion system becomes a vital factor that influences the holistic body health. Certain food which has a strong flavor, such as sour and spicy, can trigger digestion problems. Moreover, consuming too much fat, less fiber, and less water will make digestion worse. As a result, you may suffer from stomach disorder such as constipation and bloating. Therefore, consuming right food can prevent you from such problem.

Adding Fermented Food To Your Diet

First nutrition that you need is by increasing food with a natural source of probiotic. It can boost the immune system and protect the body from infection. Food and beverage with fermentation process is a major source of probiotic. Japan cuisine uses miso for supplying probiotic. Meanwhile, Korean people consume fermented vegetables called kimchi which is good for digestion. Yogurt and fermented goat milk are also rich in probiotics.

Food For Increasing Good Bacteria

In the guts, there are good bacteria that can help to digest food. Certain food is needed to maintain the number of good bacteria in the intestine. Consuming leek, garlic, asparagus and other vegetables with high inulin fiber support the existence of good bacteria in the intestine. It can help you to loosen the bowel easily.

Consuming More Fiber

As most people know, any kind of fiber is important to keep the digestion system in good condition. This nutrient can be absorbed in the body easily. Experts encourage people with constipation problem to consume more fiber. Foods with a natural source of fiber are a nut, vegetables, and fruits. For people with bloating problems, consuming cabbage, Brussels sprouts and cauliflower is not recommended.

To maintain our health, especially related to digestion, we need to consume certain food with good nutrient. Therefore, we need to add more consumption of fresh vegetables and fruit to overcome digestion issue. In addition, we can use coconut oil which can help the body against harmful bacteria.