New Perspective of a Building

Sean   April 28, 2018   Comments Off on New Perspective of a Building

Building is one of the most popular picture on photography, because we can see a lot of building around us. It is very easy for everyone who want to capture the beauty of it. In any image finder website, there are a lot of building images. The photographer will know which side of the building that has a great angle to be captured. It is not about moment, but angle. The new angle of photography will make a new perspective which is different from the real meaning of the object.

How to Make New Perspective in A Building Picture?

In any image finder, you can see the variety of building picture they serve for public. The pictures come from many professional photographer, so there will be different each other. They have their knowledge to make a good result in a photo. There are several types of angle that can make different meaning from the real object;

  1. Capture from Bottom

To post photo in image finder, this method helps you to create a good photo by capturing the object from the bottom of it. Usually people just capture the shape of building from a regular place, so the picture of the building which has been taken will look just ordinary as it is. Using this method, the object will look taller than the real size, even the building is a tall building.

  1. Capture from Above

Capturing from above the building will make a new perspective which is the building will look small or shorter than the real one. You can take the picture from the rooftop of the building or using drone. Also, you can get a view from the street next to the building.

  1. Capture Small Object

Besides capturing the spacious of the building, don’t forget to capture the small thing inside it. Maybe you would not know the small thing can bring a huge meaning in an image. For example, capturing a big blank wall with a small plant on it. If you can capture a good composition and find a right color, this picture will have a strong new meaning.

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