Play With Virtual Pet On Tattletail

Sean   May 7, 2018   Comments Off on Play With Virtual Pet On Tattletail

Do you need playing a different game but still related to a virtual pet? Tattletail must be the best recommendation. You can get the Tattletail download on your device. The game that was released in 2016 by Watgetter Electronics has a good plot. Besides, it has survival horror as its genre which is unusual for a virtual game kind game. Recently, the Tattletail is already updated with more missions and exciting plot.

Tattletail Plot Story

If you have not ever Tattletail download on your device, so you must be a little bit confused on how the game is. Basically, the main mission of this game is collecting the eggs. However, there are more different missions to be completed. At the first night, you will find a fad toy which is Baby Tattletail. Then, you will play with it with some mission.

Then, on the third night, the player will find the cassette tape that will start the adventure. You will be haunted by Mama Tattletail as the predecessor. It is the thrilling time. After playing hide and seek with Mama, then you will find the VHS tape on the fourth night. Then, another mission appears. Until the Christmas Eve, you will be invited into the party then you have to complete the mission as well. If you are failed in that night to collect all 22 eggs with other missions, so you will be killed out.

Endings That You Will Get On Tattletail

As mentioned before, you will be killed by Mama Tattletail if you are failed to complete the mission. On the other hand, you will get the prize as usual if you win the game. However, if you fall the map out to the Baby Tattletail then you will be restart to the main menu like nothing ever happened. So, just get a Tattletail download link to experience it.