Popular Names Of Indonesian Auto Body Shop

Sean   November 7, 2017   Comments Off on Popular Names Of Indonesian Auto Body Shop

If you are living in Indonesia and you are looking for any information about the best auto body shop in your country, you come to the right place. Yes, even though automotive in Indonesia is not the only one popular hobby, many people start to pay more attention to this world. Some of them might also have the will to start their business in the automotive fields. Then, do you know the best two shops in Indonesia? If you want to know about those names, please read the following information.

Top 2 Auto Body Shops InIndonesia

As the automotive world is still growing in Indonesia, the number of an auto body shop in this country is quite big. However, the popular one still gives the best impression to many people. There are two popular names of car body shop in Indonesia, which will be explained in the following list.

  • Beringin Motor

This one is located in Jakarta. So, for you who are living in this city, visiting this place can be the right decision in order to repair your car’s body. It has many technicians with good skills and good manner at work. So, once you go there, you can get the best services ever from the technicians and employee there. This shop is also already popular among people around there.

  • 3M

Even though most of you might do not know something in particular about the works under this company, this name is still one of the most popular in the automotive world of Indonesia. The services with this shop are also good, so many people are satisfied with the work that is done by this shop.

If you are considering any best places to go, those two places will be the right choice for your car. Then, what is your opinion about the list? Do you agree with the opinion about the best auto body shop in Indonesia?