Simple Guideline To Clean The Ductwork

Sean   April 16, 2018   Comments Off on Simple Guideline To Clean The Ductwork

Ductwork is one of the main system and tool which is important to the air flow. There is two kind of work from this duct which is for heating and cooling. The work of this duct is simple which the air will flow to a certain place in duct’s system then will be contributed through the pipes to flow into the indoor place. The main function of the duct is to reduce allergen, dust, mold, and other polluted air. However, maintenance is still needed for it.

How To Clean The Ductwork From Dust And Mold?

For the best recommendation, you need to maintain the ductwork periodically. In that situation, there will be not too much dust or even mold inside. Once the air seems unpleasant, you have to check the duct condition. It means that you need to clean it as well. Before calling the technicians, you can try to clean the ducts on your own. Is it possible? Here are simple steps to clean the ducts:

  • You have to find the problem first, which ducts that must be cleaned
  • You can cover the supply register by using paper towels. The function is to keep the dust will not be released inside your room while it is being cleaned
  • You need to sweep out the registers using the screwdriver. Make sure that you fasten it
  • Don’t forget to turn off the fan, but don’t turn off the thermostat
  • Just vacuum the dust blower using your handle-held vacuum
  • You can also change the furnace filter with the new one since it is a good way to keep the air flow better.

If you need more explanation and tips about the ducts, so you can visit there are a lot of useful tips related to the ducts that you have at home.