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Bespoke Wedding Invitations – My top five favourites!

Posted on 19th February 2015 by Jo


Elsie May has a passion for beautiful design and high quality papers & envelopes so despite offering our own range of pre-designed and bespoke wedding stationery we also wanted to dedicate this post to our top 5 wedding stationery designs to really get ours and your creative juices flowing! Continue Reading

Matt Woosey – Live Recording of Elsie May

Posted on 04th November 2014 by Jo


Matt Woosey….’singer, songwriter and guitar player of blues, rock, folk, and pop’ has kindly sent me this live recording of ‘Elsie May’ which I absolutely love! Thank you Matt!

Live Recording Of Elsie May

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Wedding Hair – What does yours say about you?

Posted on 12th October 2014 by Jo

1950s wedding hair beehive audrey hepburn Photo source: Samuel da Silva Photography

For many, after the dress comes hair and it can take ages to figure out the ‘perfect look’ that you want to achieve. If you have chosen a certain ‘era’ of dress then it may be easier for you to narrow down your search but if not then there are numerous styles to choose from. For me it was easy, I love anything 50’s, I love Audrey Hepburn so I went for a 1950’s style dress by Candy Anthony and a BEEHIVE!!! I’d never been able to create a beehive myself so this was my opportunity to get it done professionally and showcase my ‘doo’ on our special day.

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Wedding Planning – Money Saving Tips for your Big Day!

Posted on 20th August 2014 by Jo


Photo source: Amor Fati

For most girls (and some guys) getting married is something you have always dreamed of. You wait and wait to get engaged and when it finally arrives the shock, excitement and sheer happiness is simply out of this world.

For most, this feeling generally lasts until you realise how much the act of marriage can cost and this is when the glossy sheen of engagement can start to fade but it doesn’t have to!

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2014 Wedding Colour Scheme Predictions – Rainbow!

Posted on 16th April 2014 by Jo

rainbow wedding bright flowers

Photo source: Whimsical Wonderland Weddings

Gone are the days of pastel colours and playing it safe, todays couples are bold, adventurous, exciting and they want their day to represent this.

Colours mean different things to different people and can evoke different emotions so including all of your favourite colours in your wedding colour theme can only be a good thing!!

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Bow Ties Are Back…..And They Are Perfect For Your Wedding Day!

Posted on 13th March 2014 by Jo

red wedding bow tie pocket square

Photo source: Samuel da Silva Photography

Fancy turning your big day into a DAPPER affair? Then what better way to do it than by introducing the illustrious bow tie!

I absolutely love them….. and I even managed to persuade my darling husband into wearing one on our Special Day  🙂

Each of these little gems has its own individual character which definitely helps add a bit of PAZZAZ to the groom’s suit and also adds a little ‘je ne sais quoi’  to the wedding photos.

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Let’s Go Miniature – Unique Wedding Favours

Posted on 03rd March 2014 by Jo

coffee bean wedding favours

Photo source: Sprudge

Stuck for wedding favour ideas….then here are 10 of my absolute favs! Keep reading to see everything from Cacti in Teacups to your very own love seeds.

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How it all Started – Our First Wedding Blog!

Posted on 30th January 2013 by Jo

our first wedding blog

Photo source: Samuel da Silva Photography

What can I say….I discovered a love for cool, modern and quirky weddings (anything a little different really) and I wanted to share my ideas and inspirations with you!

My gorgeous hubby Alex proposed to me out of the blue while we were on holiday in Croatia and of course I said yes!  I always wanted to get married but I never wanted to make a big fuss of it.  Running away just me and him with a couple of witnesses was our ideal – skip all the fuss and hassle associated with arranging a big affair (I thought!) but when I started to look into it I realised that no I didn’t want a fuss, and no I didn’t want it to be massive affair but I did want to celebrate our Special Day and I did want to have a BIG PARTY!

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