The Benefits Of Mobdro App Premium

Sean   May 20, 2018   Comments Off on The Benefits Of Mobdro App Premium

Since there is a high demand for a customer of the mobdro app, the team of mobdro is currently managing to launch the premium version if this application. As a small company, mobdro in free version already gives the streamers good experience. So, why the team of mobdro needs to launch the premium version? Here are some other limitless benefits you may get.

What You Get On The Premium Version

  1. advertisement

This ad-free feature is actually very convenient for the streamers. We can stream any video on the app without getting disturbed with the advertisement. You will never find any advertisement popped up on your screen anytime you use this application.

  1. Download as many as you want

This feature allows the streamers to download any video without restrictions. You can download unlimited videos and rewatch it on your device for free without an internet connection. This premium version of mobdro app will give you a new experience that is very interesting.

  1. The support of Chromecast

Integrating your mobdro to bigger screen becomes possible now. Some streamers may use the bigger screen when they stream a good video in the application. Mostly, it is because they also want to share the video they have just watched to other people. By activating the Chromecast integrated to the application, you will be able to use this feature.

  1. Sleep Timer

The same as its name, you may watch the video late at night. In order to avoid your video keep playing until morning, there will be a feature called sleep timer. You can set when the video should be stopped playing

  1. Cloud share

Once you finish download a video. It will be automatically uploaded to your online storage called cloud share.

  1. Other upcoming features should be live event notification and favorite synchronization. One thing to remember, the team is still working on it. In other words, those features of premium mobdro app will be available soon.\