The Importance Of Consuming Less Salt

Sean   May 11, 2018   Comments Off on The Importance Of Consuming Less Salt

Salt is mineral that can add flavor to the food. Salt is also common as preservation chemical to prevent food from decaying. In general, people use salt for cooking to make the food tastier. Generally, people consume about 3,400mg of salt per day. It is way higher than the normal standard. Consuming salt excessively is definitely not good for your health.

The Trigger Of Hypertension

One of some negative effects of consuming too much salt is hypertension. Too much salt, or chemically known as sodium chloride, will push your heart to work more than its normal standard. If your blood pressure reaches over 130/80, it’s considered abnormal.

If your blood pressure is extremely high, it means you need to start consuming less salt. In addition, salt diet can be necessary for people above 51 years old. People at that age are prone to hypertension.

Heart And Kidney Problems Caused By Salt

Consuming less salt can decrease the opportunity for heart and kidney problems. A research claims that overconsumption of salt causes water retention I the body. That condition leads to heart and kidney problems. You may find a high level of salt mostly in instant food. Avoiding canned soup and frozen food is an alternative to consuming less salt.

The Ideal Amount Of Sodium For Body

Reducing does not mean that you do not add any sodium at all into your meals. Stopping sodium will only make body even more unstable. The body needs the presence of sodium in order to support the body system. It is important for balancing the level of electrolyte in the body.

Normal people need less than 2,325mg sodium per day. However, people over 51 years old or those with heart problems such as hypertension need a lower intake. They should not consume more than 1,500mg of sodium per day to live healthier.