The Most Popular Game Right Now

Sean   April 16, 2018   Comments Off on The Most Popular Game Right Now

What is the most popular game right now? It is Angry Birds 2! It is a video game which developed by a Finnish company named Rovio Entertainment. There are many sequels to this game, including the second series. The game premise is birds who need to defeat pigs to save their eggs. The developer takes an inspiration from Crush the Castle 2. Angry Birds is a major success. Many people praise it for the comical style, fun gameplay, and low price as well. The popularity is so massive until the developer creates many spin-offs of this game. You can play this game on video game consoles and PCs.

Angry Birds 2 Popularity

Angry Birds 2 popularity is no joke. You can find many Angry Birds’ characters in many kinds of stuff such as a t-shirt, hat, bag, shoes, stationery, toys, books, tumbler, watch, and other stuff. The big popularity also led the game to have a film and televised cartoon version. The first game of Angry Birds was released in December 2009. And on January 2014, the game has been downloaded or purchased more than 2 billion times. The sequel to this game was released in July 2015. And this sequel has been downloaded or purchased more than 3 billion times. This makes Angry Birds franchise become the most downloaded game of all time.

One of the most mainstream games that people plat at least once in their lifetime is the original Angry Birds. The game is also the biggest mobile game success in the history. Due to its popularity, Angry Birds has its own series which released in May 2016 by Columbia Pictures. Rovio becomes more creative as the time goes by. Angry Birds 2 is already created with its new features, new levels, new birds, and new location. Have you played this game? You can download this game only on