The Sensation Of Sleeping Underwater

Sean   May 14, 2018   Comments Off on The Sensation Of Sleeping Underwater

Nowadays, hotels are competing against each other to make an amazing breakthrough in order to attract visitors. Unmitigated, their idea can even be called crazy. This time Sam’s club travel reviews will discuss one of the craziest hotel ideas ever; underwater hotel.

The hotel called The Muraka Undersea Villa is located in the Maldives, precisely in Conrad Rangali. They claim that this hotel is the first undersea hotel in the world. For the visitors later, they can sleep with adorable fish and beautiful coral reefs.

What Makes It Unique?

As Sam’s club travel reviews previously mentioned, this hotel will be the first hotel built under the sea. Reportedly, this hotel will be completed by the end of this year.

Guests will be treated to a unique view of the sea while staying at the hotel. They can feel the sensation of sleeping with thousands of sea creatures, could be one of them is a shark. Wow! It will be an unforgettable experience the whole life.

This undersea hotel will have two floors. The first floor is located above ground level which will be the entrance of this hotel. There will be a hotel lobby, reception desk, parking lot, and so on. Well, on the second floor to be built under the sea is where the visitors’ bedroom will be built.

The underwater building walls will be made of thick transparent glass. This glass is specially designed to be able to withstand sea water pressure. It aims to maintain the security and safety of visitors.

Meanwhile, on the top floor, visitors can enjoy the sunset with a limitless horizon. Visitors can also enjoy a very refreshing infinity pool accompanied by beautiful scenery. According to reports Sam’s club travel reviews received, the hotel was inspired by a strong desire to provide an innovative and different experience to the guests. The developer of the hotel wants to present the beauty of the underwater Maldives to visitors who come.