Tuk Tuk and Away………Alternative Wedding Transport!

Posted on 03rd April 2014 by Jo

british wedding tuk tuk

Photo source: Blu Ivory

When a brides arrives to be married you naturally imagine her arriving in a glamorous vintage car complete with chauffeur and hat!

Well times are a changing and we are getting more & more inventive with our wedding transport ideas.

There are now LOTS of wedding transport alternatives…..

Yes, there is the horse drawn cart, the VW beetle and the bus but have you ever thought of the TUK TUK!

I think they are fantastic! Compact bundles of greatness on wheels and did I mention environmentally friendly! It is the year of the TUK TUK and I for one am already a fan!

tuk tuk wedding kiss

Photo source: Tuk Shop

They add a hint of fun and excitement to your special day while still serving their purpose and here’s the best bit…….they are affordable!

Some can accommodate up to 6 people so they are also a great little ‘guest transporter’ which will definitely leave an impression on your guests…especially Great Aunt Hilda!

wedding tuk tuk italy

Photo source: Italian Lakes Wedding

wedding tuk tuk lined row

Photo source: Greek Island Wedding Inspirations

Alternatively, for a more eco-friendly ride there are rickshaws where a lovely chap will cycle you to your chosen destination. These would obviously be more suitable to shorter journeys!

wedding rickshaw

Many towns offer there own services but here are a few websites to kick start your search:

Tuk Tuk providers:

Tuk Tuk Hire

Tuk Shop

Nottingham Tuk Tuks


For Rickshaw rides in London

London Rickshaws

If anyone has used a Tuk Tuk or rickshaw for our special day please let me know!

Jo x


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