Various Moisturizing Homemade Hand Cream

Sean   May 17, 2018   Comments Off on Various Moisturizing Homemade Hand Cream

Homemade hand cream is a kind of skin care that you can make by yourself at your home. Commonly, it uses natural ingredients that you can find it easily in the market. Since it is using an organic and natural ingredient it is safe for daily use. For you who have sensitive to allergy issue, it can be the best option.

The Benefit Of Using Hand Cream

Hand cream is very good to moisturize your hand. It gives additional nutrition to hands and makes the skin more elastic. It can protect your skin from UV light exposure and prevent damage. For already damaged skin, it can heal and repair the skin tissue. The delicate scent becomes a great therapy for stress. Besides skin, hand cream is also great for cuticles on nails. It makes your nails look healthy and strong.

Hand Cream For Normal Skin

Each ingredient that you use for making homemade hand cream gives various effects. For normal skin, the best main ingredient is almond oil. Almond oil contains antioxidant property such as vitamin E and other vitamins and minerals. It is great for removing dead skin, dust and other particles on the skin.

For you who do not like tan skin because of UV light, almond oil can reduce this possibility. In order to make your hand cream smells super fragrant add rosewater to the ingredient. You can make rosewater by simmering rose petals and water with a comparison of 1:1.5.

Hand Cream For Dry And Sensitive Skin

People with dry and sensitive skin are suggested to use lavender essential oil or rose essential oil. Otherwise, you can use olive oil. It is great for making your skin moist and it is easily found in the supermarket or even your kitchen. If your skin is prone to wrinkles and blemishes use shea butter instead. For the complete tutorial, you can visit Insightgirl website.