Wedding Planning – Money Saving Tips for your Big Day!

Posted on 20th August 2014 by Jo


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For most girls (and some guys) getting married is something you have always dreamed of. You wait and wait to get engaged and when it finally arrives the shock, excitement and sheer happiness is simply out of this world.

For most, this feeling generally lasts until you realise how much the act of marriage can cost and this is when the glossy sheen of engagement can start to fade but it doesn’t have to!

If you are reading this and feel that this is something you can definitely relate to then STOP and remember how you felt when you first got engaged. Hold on to that feeling as marriage is a big deal and it can be everything you have ever dreamed of but you may need to compromise a little and think of creatives ways that could save a little money.

This is where I am here to help! I have tried to summarise some handy money saving tips for you, some of which I used for my very own wedding (and I can honestly say it was the ‘best day ever!’).

1. The Date
Choose your wedding date wisely as the date of your wedding can definitely save you money.

Off peak months include October to April (except Christmas) and choosing to get married in these months can be consdierably cheaper.

Monday – Thursday are also generally cheaper than the weekends with Saturday being the most desirable day to get married and therefore often comes with a premium price tag.


If you are choosing to get married abroad, then considering off-peak destinations may also be an option for you.

2. The Venue
The Venue is another area where a great saving can be made. Think outside of the box! Gone are the days of just traditional Church/Hotel weddings, alternative venues are now becoming more and more popular and they allow you to inject a little piece of your personality into your wedding day while saving money at the same time……think warehouse space/fields/pubs/
breweries/barges the list is endless.

Areas where these venues can save you considerable amounts of money are in no hire fees/bring your alcohol/bring your own caterers etc. We chose to hold our wedding in a lovely pub which had no hire fee but instead a minimum spend that we would have exceeded on food & drinks anyway. The great thing for us about this venue was that it we could exclusively hire it for our wedding party and having a late license meant we could party away until the early hours!


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3. The Dress
For many this is the main event and you may not want to compromise in this area but for those of you willing to make some minor sacrafices then you could grab yourself a bargain!

For example, if you know the dress syle/designer that you want to wear, then why not go and try it on to get an idea of the size that you will require and then search for it second hand on ebay/preloved etc. Alternatively, get an idea of the dress style that you like and take measurements of length/bust etc and then scoure the pre-loved pages. You’ll be surprised what you may find!

Other suggestions include vintage shops, sample sales or ordering online from countries such as China! A friend of mine did this, picked her dress style, selected the size and then got it shipped from China at a fraction of what she would have otherwise paid. She then got it fitted to size and she looked amazing!


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4. The Cake
Think outside of the box! The moment you mention wedding cake then the price doubles, triples even! Solution…..don’t buy a wedding cake! That is exactly what I did for my wedding day. I wanted a selection of cake flavours and found the perfect solution with ChoccyWoccyDooDah cakes (see my previous post)….I was thoroughly pleased with the outcome and most definitely pleased with the price compared to most conventional wedding cakes.

Making your own or asking a friend/colleague to make one is another popular options or how about getting your favourite baker to make you something special. Alternatively ditch the cake and go for cheese, a sweetie tower or a mini tart selection!


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5. The Transport
This is another area which can cost a fortune. Saving suggestions include looking for private owners of vintage cars if that is what you are looking for, using not conventional means of transport such as tuk-tuks or simply using a smart cab firm to get you from A to B. That is exactly what we did for our wedding. We pre-booked black taxis for all of our guests to take them on the short journey from the wedding service to the reception and booked a black mercedes for my husband and I. I think the Mercedes only cost £25 for the short 15 minute journey! Bargain!


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6. The Suit
Hire! Shop out of season! Wait for the sales!

My husband found the suit that he wanted to wear, waited for the sale and then bought it at a fraction of the price. He then used some of the savings to get it tailored to ensure it was the perfect fit! Why waste money if you don’t need to!


7. The Stationery
Simple – DIY! Are either you or your fiancée creative? If so, what better way of putting your own stamp on your wedding day than to design your own wedding stationery! This is becoming more and more popular but can be quite time consuming. Otherwise, if you don’t want to take the DIY option then remember to ask for discount especially if you are buying multiple wedding stationery items such as RSVPs, Invites & Thank You cards.


Photo source: Before The Big Day Wedding Blog

8. The Guest List
This is an area where you could potentially save money BUT it may be a little more difficult! However by being tough and inviting who you really WANT to be at your wedding and not who you feel you should invite could save you a lot! For example, do you really need to invite great Aunt Bessie who you haven’t spoken to in over two years! Probably not, you are probably only inviting her as you feel pressure to…..but you really don’t have to! This is your special day and you need to do what you want to do! People may moan but they will soon forget!


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The key in my opinion to saving money on your wedding is to keep in mind what elements of the wedding are most important to you and the elements where you feel sacrifcies could be made. Make a budget and stick to it! You need to be tough but with a little bit of discipline, time, effort and determination you will get your perfect wedding and at the perfect cost!

Jo x


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